Private Small Group Training

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Private Small Group Training

Currently available in the Gym, Studio or OUTSIDE.


Would you prefer to keep your workouts to just your small group of friends?  

Introducing Bubble Training: your group, your friends, your goals.

Can't quite find the perfect class or time?  Maybe you would like more strength training, or maybe your group has some specific health concerns.  Our Instructors are trained in Corrective Exercise.  We can customize the workouts for your needs.  


 Options for a Fusion of several modalities all mixed together for a class that is social, fun and personalized just for your group's unique goals.  

*Optional Measurements, WI's, Body Fat% and nutritional guidelines etc. all included depending on the group's goals.  Please talk to Christina for more details.  Classes can be any combination of Fitness/Yoga/Circuit/Kettle Ball/TRX/Barre ... goals can be Strength, Stability, Balance, Weight Loss, Tone & get the idea, Christina has been Teaching and Training clients since 1988 with multiple certifications the possibilities and combinations are endless.  No need to get bored with your workouts, simply have fun with your friends and enjoy the RESULTS.  Everything is here, all you need to do is organize your friends!  


Private Series of 10 Sessions

  • 3 Participants $250 per person

  • 4 Participants $200 per person

  • 6 Participants $150 per person

  • 8 Participants $100 per person

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