Private Personal Training

     Need a little help with your technique or would you like a customized program designed for your unique goals?  Our certified trainers are experienced and have specialties in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance and Senior Fitness.           Go beyond just movement modifications, learn how movement ties into healhty living.  Live a vibrant, active life and perform better at work and/or play.   


"Our goals here at KVF are to improve the whole body's resiliency through better flexibility, core strength and range of motion."  

Please talk to us at the front desk for more information.  


Single Private Session $70

10-Pack Private Training Sessions $700

(Virtual / In Studio or Gym / Your Location)

STUDENT10-Pack (45 Minutes) Private Sessions $500

(Virtual / In Studio or Gym / Your Location)

Get Fit 

Get Focused   Get Results

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Shared Personal Training

Share the cost of a Personal Trainer with a friend, spouse or co-worker and get all the attention for much less.  Our certified trainers a experienced and can easily work with more than one participant, still giving you all the attention you need, all the accountability but with a friend or spouse it ups the fun factor.  Please see the front desk for more information or click above for pricing.


Shared PT 10-Pack $350 Each  ($700 Total

(Virtual / In Studio or Gym / Your Location)


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