Because you only regret the workouts

you don't do.

The benefits of exercise don't just stop when you leave the gym. Working out releases endorphins, boosts your energy, improves sleep and helps prevent so many health issues.


Our friendly little neighborhood gym is part of the KV community where you can meet other like-minded people pursuing a healthy lifestyle. At Kettle Valley Fitness, we challenge and inspire one another to be the best we can be.


We can't wait to bring more fitness to the community, and we invite you to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.  Come on in and get started.  


Gym is Open
with Health Guidelines in Place. 
All participants are currently required to wear a Mask as they enter, and throughout their workout.
All Classes are Virtual, Hybrid or Outside. 
Please sign up online
Thank you for continuing to Wash Hands Before & After workouts, please continue to stay 6' apart (except for your personal bubble) and keep sanitizing everything touched.  
Member Hours
7 Days a Week 
Please call ahead before coming at typically busy times.
Limited to 10 Participants
Drop-Ins available during staffed hours or by appointment, please call
We provide sanitation stations at the entrance and throughout the gym for all members to use.  Please continue to wipe down everything you touch.  
Staff also clean and disinfect equipment regularly. Let's continue to work together and stay healthy. 
Please STAY  HOME  if you have ANY symptoms of illness, let's work together to keep everyone here as
SAFE as possible.
We look forward to seeing you as we continue to navigate our way through this.  

Welcome to a healthier lifestyle.


At Kettle Valley Fitness, we are committed to helping members achieve their health and fitness goals.  We believe everyone should have vibrant health right into their 90's!  

This is your friendly local neighborhood gym.


We have a great little facility full of Free Weights, Cable Machines, Hammer Strength Equipment, TRX, BOSU, Kettleballs, Rocker Boards...the list goes on.  Come in and have a look.  There are experienced Personal Trainers to guide you through your workouts, keep your workouts safe, efficient and also keep you accountable.  We have a great little Studio as well for Small Group Classes

*currently limited availability due to Covid Restrictions


The Studio offers Fitness Circuit Training, Indoor/Outdoor TRX, Yoga (all styles, from Fluid Flow, Gentle Flow, Yoga for Hips & Shoulders, Yin & Restore,  Back-Care Yoga, Yoga Tune-Up, Yoga Strong, Yoga Core, Power Yoga & Ashtanga ) room temperature is warm, but not hot.  Generally 30-32 degrees depending on the class.  Warm muscles feel better and stretch more easily, also the Far Infrared Heat is very healing.  Ask us at the front desk for more info.

 Kids Fitness & Conditioning Series and Girl Power Series coming back soon.  Classes will keep evolving as we hear what the KV community would like to see, please let us know your thoughts. 

*Classes are limited Virtual or Outside until after the May Long Weekend

Private Training, Yoga & Fitness Classes are at an additional fee, all optional of course.